FLUMC Article : Folklore and family form country churches


Log cabins, handmade quilts and steak supper pick and grins are all part of the fabric of country churches. Follow the back roads to a story about churches located in rural areas of Florida.

Some may have heard, some may have seen in the United Methodist News Service’s Daily Digest on February 17th, 2017, that Wacissa and Sardis UMC were part of an article on small churches and their role in today’s Methodism.

In the article they noted “Small churches form the backbone of the Florida Conference. According to a 2016 conference report, 180 of the 651 churches statewide had 100 or fewer members. They mostly are long-standing churches located in small towns or rural settings, with deep, rich histories that can go back more than 100 years.”

If you are interested, you can check out the article at the link below.

Full Article: Folklore & family form country churches